VaCO is a UK Registered Charity that runs residential chamber orchestra courses for advanced young musicians, offering professional training in a relaxed, but tutored, environment.

VaCO courses offer fantastic career development opportunities whilst being exceptionally good value for money. Courses are highly subsidised to ensure they are affordable for aspiring young talent.

Our courses focus on exciting orchestral repertoire, as well as exploring and developing a wide range of chamber music and small ensemble pieces – coached by some of the UK’s leading musicians.

Attending the Vacation Chamber Orchestra courses not only enabled me to perform music at an extremely high level but it also introduced me to the wonderful community of people that come together to make this an exceptionally successful organisation. Rarely do you find a course, which offers such a high level of performing experience coupled with performing in some of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

Fond memories of the courses for me would be the gatherings after concerts to sing songs and tell tales and also being given the opportunity to perform as a soloist with the orchestra during the summer of 2011.

Mark Brazier, Professeur de Musique

École Nouvelle Frontière/Tutor - GPRC Conservatory, Grande Prairie, Canada

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