VaCO is a UK Registered Charity that runs residential chamber orchestra courses for advanced young musicians, offering professional training in a relaxed, but tutored, environment.

VaCO courses offer fantastic career development opportunities whilst being exceptionally good value for money. Courses are highly subsidised to ensure they are affordable for aspiring young talent.

Our courses focus on exciting orchestral repertoire, as well as exploring and developing a wide range of chamber music and small ensemble pieces – coached by some of the UK’s leading musicians.

The best thing about VaCO is that everyone is just so friendly, I've made so many friends in the years I've been going and see them regularly around the country. It's always great to catch up, say hello again and find out when they'll be at the next VaCO course. I always find the aim is not just to play to a high standard but also to enjoy the music and have fun playing it. Because of this I regularly recommend VaCO to all young musicians I meet as one of the best value courses around. Despite being very affordable it has also provided some of the finest musical experiences of my life and pushes me to achieve higher than I could have thought possible.

Peter Banks, Head of Chemistry

The Purcell School